First steps

My first steps with Adfinity

As a rookie within EASI, I followed a series of trainings, together with some new customers that chose to work with EASI in 2016. In total, four full days of training were foreseen about the different features in Adfinity.

Without any accounting experience, but full of hope, I started discovering the diversity of Adfinity. During the first minutes, it seemed a little complicated but I was surprised about how fast I was able to use some features, thanks to the logic user interface of the software. According to the trainer, himself co-responsible for the development of the software, the user-friendliness of the software is due to the fact that there are only two types of screens. End users are very rapidly familiar with our software, thanks to this simplicity.

I'm already impatient to discover the more advanced features Adfinity has to offer!

Want to experience the user-friendliness of our software by yourself? Just contact me (016 31 30 27)