accounting serenity

Adfinity Cloud: peaceful accounting

The lifecycle of software, accounting software or other, as an impact on your IT environment. This influence can be huge, especially for companies that don't dispose of an internal IT-department. For them, it can be difficult to organize the implementation of a software package. Let me explain how EASI can help when implementing Adfinity in SaaS mode.
Our SaaS mode offers the possibility to use Adfinity as a full service package. No need for local infrastructure to use our software!

Technical aspects

The full hosting process of your software becomes the entire responsibility of EASI. This means the storage of your data: you don't need a server anymore. But also a lot of other stuff gets managed by EASI : backups, confidentiality of data, security, licencing, ... Everything is managed in Cloud2be.

Functional guarantees

On top of this technical guarantees, Adfinity Cloud offers automatic updates of your software. All the latest legal innovations and features are automatically added to your software when they are availble, without anything to worry about from your side.
The mobility is another interesting aspect of our SaaS mode. You can work from home without any problem. Or, if you are working in a multi-site environment, the cloud mode also facilitates the way you can start using the software from different headquarters

Financial management

To conclude: in our SaaS mode, you only pay what you use. Via our tarification per user per month, you keep the full control over your costs. Everything is included in one monthly fee: the hosting, the maintenance, the backups and the updates. Just a connection for each user, and further no surprises: it can't be more simple!