Adfinity Roadshow 2017 : new version, new formula

During the first Roadshow of EASI, the collaborators were dreaming about, one day, hosting this in a cinema. It was in 2003...

14 years later, here we are !

Being able to welcome our customers to present them the updates of our accounting and management software has always been so important for us.
This allows us to talk about the future of the software and to create (or keep) this instructive partnership. Listening to their meanings, remarks, exchanging about the evolutions of the application and much more is completely essential. That's how we are able to develop our software in the way that suits the daily needs.

For this 2017 edition, a lot of them (more than 230!) joined us to attend to the presentation of 3 years of work on our brand new version : Adfinity.

As this version marks an important change in terms of design (new software design and also a new logo, new website, new leaflet,...), it was crucial to communicate about it and to collect the opinions of our customers. The positive feedback heard during the round tables and other discussions motivates us even more to develop this software for you and with you.

Want to live (again) this event ? Just take a look at this video !

We are already impatient to host you during the next edition !


Adfinity Team