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How EASI organises Adfinity training

When a client buys a new accounting solution such as Adfinity, they clearly need some solid training for the end users. Indeed, they will need to be able to use all the different elements of the solution.
There are also programs for specific modules, which are followed by a limited number of users.
How do you decide who should do the training, and how does EASI work?


Standard training for users takes 4 days. This is generally spread over several weeks, which means normal work can be combined with the training.
Training focusing on specific modules, such as asset management, lasts for one day.

Training takes place at EASI’s premises (Nivelles, Leuven, Luxembourg) where each participant has his/her own working environment. There are a number of benefits the come with completing the training off-site:

  • Participants meet other clients who are also completing the training. This naturally generates informal discussions about working methods.
  • Participants visit a different environment/company, and most people really appreciate this change of scenery.
  • Participants can work without being disturbed, so they can focus fully on the training.


We talk about this training from the very beginning of the sales meetings. Working closely with the client, the EASI sales advisor will put together a timetable to suit the whole lifecycle of the project.
Most of the time, the following outline will be suggested:

  • Shortly after the sale, and preferably before the actual initial analysis, there will be a preliminary training day: the introduction.
  • Between the analysis and the testing period, the 3 other days of training are organised: data entry, day-to-day work and occasional work. After these 3 days, the end user will be totally comfortable with the software.
  • Training for specific modules is generally offered after the beginning of the project, but can be brought forward in consultation with the client. This gives the users the time to get some initial experience before broadening their knowledge.

It is of course possible to put together a customised timetable that is different from the suggestion above.

The participants

Who completes this training?
EASI offers all end users the opportunity to do this training. This means that everybody is given the same information and it is therefore easier to step in if a colleague is away. If this is not possible, the client will appoint a number of key users to do the full training, perhaps accompanied by a few colleagues who are in charge of specific tasks and so who require a more limited training solution.

The concept of “Teach-the-teacher” is also an option, whereby some people will do the full training with EASI, and they will then train their colleagues depending on their needs.

As you can see, the training is an integral part of the project. It is vital for employees to understand the software properly so they can use it as effectively as possible.

If you are already using Adfinity and a new colleague arrives, he/she might be able to carry out training arranged for new clients.

The training is provided by experienced EASI consultants who can answer a broad range of questions.

If you have any questions about how this training is organised, you can visit our website or ask your sales advisor.