recurring invoicing

Recurring invoicing at EASI

More and more companies are being confronted to recurring costs. (invoices of maintenance contracts, subscriptions, ...). The same applies for us at EASI. Our cloud services, for example, are invoiced in different periodicities, depending the contract, the options, the regions, ... 
To manage this efficiently, we use the contract management feature in Adfinity. This option covers a lot of advantages: 


  • Choose the periodicity as you prefer; not only yearly, half-yearly etc. The system also provides us with the possibility to choose the date of the first invoice.  

  • Multiple types of contracts can be managed and viewed in one single view (location contracts, maintenance contracts, ...) 
  • Annexes, extra orders and changes can be attached to the initial contract. This is really handy because it allows adding all these changes and keeping the overview of the history of orders. 
  • Applying an indexation of the rates, if applicable. This can also be dependent of annexes to an initial contract (for example, extra orders that have been added during the previous year). 

Thanks to some extra fields that we have at our disposal, we can even go further. We can, for example, choose an invoicing company that is different from the ordering company, add a PO number or specific analytical axis. Also, the spreading of the invoicing and the rhythm at which the income can be taken into revenue, can be determined in the software.