accounting tools

Reports in Adfinity

With Adfinity, there are several ways to consult numbers. This may through standard functions or in a broad Excel report.

Standard Functions

The interactive balance is the first option. You choose the data you need, select how far you want to group them and you get a report such as this one :

Other reports such as a "General Ledger", "Due date balance" or "Daily Report" are also available.
All the standards reports may be imported very simply in an Excel.

EASI BS Formulas

A second option is to use the Excel formula's developed by EASI. Without many effort, you can get this report :

Evolutions in this type of report are naturally imaginable. It depends on the knowledge of the user.

Visual Basic

The use of Visual Basic is an advanced method, a programmatic language integrated to Excel. This way, we can obtain a tailor-made report, as in this example :



One last tool is QlikSense. This BI tool allows to present all datas in several graphs and layouts :


Datas can be provided by any sources. Not only by Adfinity, but also by your accounting software.