purchase orders

What if I booked my purchase orders on a tablet?

For the new version of our accounting software Adfinity, we completely restyled the ergonomy. Our web application is 100% responsive and intuitive, which allows me, for example, to book my purchase orders using my tablet. 

Imagine I want to buy a new PC.

  • I have to create my purchase request.
  • I arrive in the main screen where I select the supplier and the products I want to order.
  • I can add attachments like offers or other comments.
  • At the end, I submit my purchase request and an automated approval workflow will be started. 

My manager is now automatically notified on his smartphone about my purchase request. Thanks to the dedicated mobile app, he can now consult the request and see that my requests would take 5% of the yearly purchase budget. He immediately disposes of all necessary information to appove my request, which is then automatically tranformed into a purchase order. 

This purchase order, which contains the electronic signature of my manager, will be sent to the suplier by email. 

A couple of days later, I will be happy to receive my PC. My accounting department is also happy: they can match the purchase invoice with the engaged budget in two clicks! 

As a conclusion, for the purchase responsible as well as the approver, the tools are very user friendly and modern. And for the accounting department, the booking work is drastically reduced.