Approval workflows

Don't worry about approval cycles anymore. Our software manages them for you.

Visibility and traceability of invoices

Visibility and traceability of invoices

Any moment, you keep an optimized visibility on your documents: what is their status, who has approved them, etc...

Automation of validation processes

Automation of validation processes

A digital approval cycle is triggered automatically based on your own criteria, like the amount, the department, the analytical axes, the general account, etc.

Accessible from anywhere

Remote approvals

The user just connects himself through a secured internet connection. Once logged in, he'll work in his own workspace.

Accounting software that truly adapts to your organisation

Once a document is encoded, an automatic approval workflow is started. This system allows you to stop the traditional 'paper' flows. It's no longer needed to have different copies of invoices flowing from department to department before being able to do the payment.

Analytical imputations simplified

Persons that have to approve documents, can add or change the analytical imputations for the accounts they are responsible for. A head of a department, for example, will be able to split invoices over different projecs or subdepartments. The accounting department then has all necessary information for the accounting process. In case of delay, a simple mouse click is enough to send a reminder to the approvers. Finally, the accounting department will be able to make the payments, depending on the decisions taken by the different workflow responsibles.

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