Advanced accounting

More added values and less paper

User friendly

Very simple to use

You dispose of state-of-the-art accounting software with rich features yet still easy to use for your end users.

Analytical accounting

Analytical accounting

Multiple independent or deducted analytical axes will facilitate your analysis per cost centers, per department, project, vehicle, person, etc...

An intelligent system

An intelligent system at your disposal

Stop encoding your general and analytical accounts... They are deducted automatically in order to facilitate your encoding.

Looking for an advanced financial tool ?

Next to standard features like the general accounting and the accounting over multiple companies, Adfinity distinguishes itself thanks to its very advanced analytical accounting capabilities. Dynamic crossed views offer a perfect overview of your financial situation. Thanks to the integrated scanning solution, searching for paper documents now belongs to the past. Welcome in the era of the 'paperless accounting'! Budget management with budget control is also an integrated part of Adfinity. On top, Adfinity provides multiple ways of reporting. Whatever the technique of your choice, it will translate your financial data in useful information for the daily management of your company.

Organisation process

Organisation process

Integrate your purchase workflows, like order confirmations, into the application. The invoices will then automatically be linked to them. Or manage the invoicing of your services and goods.

Follow-up and budget control


The budget follow-up can be done on a global level, or on a detailled level. Nothing is more easy than exporting a budget Excel, to do the follow-up of a department or a project.

Advanced reporting

Advanced Reportings

Next to the classical data exports, we dispose of an Excel add-in which allows you to create your own reports. We also propose a Business Intelligence tool through the solutions from Qlik.

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