Documents scanning

Use as less paper as possible within your organisation

paperless accounting

Fast access to documents

Your invoices (sales invoices as well as purchase invoices) are scanned and linked to your accounting documents. It's no longer needed to search in folders to try to find back your invoices, payment reminders, etc...

Scanning et OCR

Scanning & OCR

The OCR-technology allows you to retrieve and encode automatically the most important information from your invoices, like the supplier, the amount, the date, etc...

digital approval

Digital approvals

Our integrated workflow tool allows your different responsibles to approve their invoices, order confirmations, etc...

Say yes to paperless accounting

The electronic approval tool does not only simplify the life of your users, but also the daily job of your accounting officers, who can follow-up closely the status of invoices that still need to be approved, and invoices that are approved for payment. The system proposes a true collaboration tool and a tool for information sharing between your responsibles and your finance department.

Centralize documents

EASI allows the management of folders that contain all documents that have been exchanged with a customer. This way, you keep a track of all documents concerning a customer (invoices, reminders, sent letters, etc.) In one mouse click, you will find the document you are looking for!

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