Accounting software for construction companies

Financial management of construction projects

Analytische boekhouding

Analytical cost accounting

Yards, procurement categories, departments, ...


Approval workflows

Supervisor approval via Smartphone

Gecombineerd beheers

Construction-specific accounting

Article 30bis, deductions, sureties, delayed payment interest, ...



Digital archive, electronic invoicing, ...

Rapporten en budgetten

Reports and budgets

Budget control , customised KPIs, cost controlling, ...

Koppeling met Build Software

Integration with Build Software

Logistics management, inventories, calculation, project follow-up, ...

Partnership with Build Software

The strong synergies between Adfinity and Build Software ensure an optimum management tool for your building projects. Both tools were developed by Belgian partners with years of experience in their discipline, and a strong knowledge of the local market. This resulted is a total solution where you get the best of both worlds: Adfinity for advanced financial management & Build Software for operational management.

Accounting software with fast implementation

Fast implementation

No long implementation cycles! Your company will be able to start using Adfinity very rapidely.

Easy to use

User friendly

Our users systematically mention the user-friendliness of Adfinity when asked about our strong points. The end user adoption of the tool goes really fast.

Time gain in your accounting management

Gain time in your daily work

The user-friendliness combined with the intelligence and its paperless philosophy will make your teams gain time.

Advanced analytical capabilities

Take-over of existing data

We have developed a standard tool capable of converting data from your existing systems easily towards Adfinity.

Fully digital and paperless management

Archiving your documents (burden of proof article 30b, permits, info on yards, contracts with subcontractors...),
OCR recognition of invoices, electronic invoicing, OpenPEPPOL, ...

Adfinity perfectly adapts to the structure of your company

Taking ofer of existing data

Data retrieval

We have developed a standard tool which allows us to easily convert data from numerous software packages (Microsoft, BOB, Popsy, ...).

Integrate with business software


Our teams dispose of years of experience with integrations of Adfinity with other software packages (invoicing, CRM, ...).

Methodic accompaniment


Our structured way of guiding our customers, based on years of experience, are your best guarantee for a great implementation cycle.

Discover our pricing


Ask your own adapted pricing quote! Starting from 390 €/month.

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Follow a demonstration with one of our specialists, and discover the full potential of Adfinity.

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