"I can't deny that my team won a huge amount of time and productivity!"

André Dekeyser

Head of the Accounting Department

"When I started working for the RHMS back in 2006, the hospital was using an accounting software that did not fit their needs. One of the first tasks that I received, was to make a comparative study amongst possible accounting software tool, that might be capable of replacing the old system.", explains André Dekeyser, head of the accounting service.

Analytical accounting and reporting

"After looking at specific software solutions that did not fit our needs, I suggested our direction to take a look at EASI, which I knew from a previous professional experience. The new software had to foresee the following functionalities: being able to manage 3 analytical axes, customised reportings, the follow-up of information, digital archiving, follow-up of invoices and performance signings in the system. Also, it had to be able to cope with a huge amount of accounting movements (more than 20.000 invoices every month!)."

Ease of use and efficiency

"After having seen demonstrations of the different solutions, we were convinced that Adfinity had all the funcionalities, the flexibility and the efficiency we needed. In 2007, we were pioneers, but since then, multiple other hospitals have followed our example. We even created a user club in which we can exchange experiences and even organise combined investments. I can't deny that my team won a huge amount of time and productivity!"

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