Intermunicipal organisations

Going from the general and cost accounting with integrated management of invoicing and purchases, to a budgetary accounting, the Adfinity accounting program is ideal for municipalities and other public organizations. 

In addition to the standard features of the general and multi-company accounting, Adfinity differentiates itself through its advanced cost accounting. Multiple axes (independent or derived) facilitate the analysis per cost centre, department, project, vehicle, person, etc. The dynamic and crossed reporting views offer you a perfect overview. 

Accounting software in compliance with all accounting legislation

Adfinity complies with the legal requirements and rules and guarantees you to follow up on future developments in these areas. Your legal and tax documents are automated and integrated with on-line platforms. The application allows the management of VAT and partial VAT, among other things. 

The management of fixed assets is integrated in the general and cost accounting. You can simply create your fixed asset files and follow up on the linked subsidies yourself. In addition, you can retrieve your depreciation in real or simulated values. 

Scanning of invoices and accelerated encoding

The incoming invoices are scanned and archived in the accounting program. The encoding is accelerated through OCR and/or a link with the orders. The invoices then circulate electronically to the various people who need to approve them. When the invoices are approved, they are passed on to the vendor payments. 

EASI Purchase completes the accounting package perfectly. The purchasing flow can be followed from the purchase request or order form to payment of the invoice, including receiving the invoice and the link with the corresponding order form. 

The budgetary accounting is an integral part of Adfinity. The budgetary follow-up of multiple projects and different versions can be performed at a general level in your company, or at a detailed level. Budgetary control can be used when entering a document, and/or with its approval. The various dashboards allow you to track the value of the allocated budget, the eventual invoice and overdue credit. 

There are numerous forms of reporting in Adfinity: Firstly, the classic reporting like exporting to Excel. Secondly, the more innovative with the specific Excel formulas that retrieve the information directly from your database. And finally the full Business intelligence (BI) solution called Qlikview. Each reporting technique translates your data into useful information in the management of your company. 

Our role as partner is decisive: we understand and master the operating processes of your activity, as well as the limitations of your environment and the final goals of the project. That way, we can find the perfect balance between your activity and our solution. Because our experience, acquired through contact with hundreds of companies, allows us to help you decide, to advise on the latest techniques and to implement our high-performance applications quickly and efficiently.