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Hospitals & Health Care

Accounting software for hospitals

Thanks to years of experience in the hospital sector, Adfinity responds perfectly to the standards of accounting for hospitals. The legal Finhosta needs, follow-up per cost centre, the customer accounts department, everything is provided, making Adfinity the designated accounting program for hospitals. 

Numerous integrations simplify your daily work

The integration of the accounting software into an existing IT environment is a basic function, and isn't an issue. Adfinity has numerous standard interfaces with specific hospital applications. Examples are Xtenso, CPO, Wish, Corfac and Sibelmed for invoicing, or APO and Infohos for the pharmaceutical industry. The incoming invoices are scanned and archived in the accounting program. The input of documents is accelerated through OCR and/or a link with the orders. The invoices then circulate electronically to the people who need to approve them. When an invoice is approved, it is passed on to the vendor payments. 

Simplifying the management of patient files

A particular concern within Adfinity, is the customer accounts department. The payment reminders can be sent on paper or by email. The patient files are automatically compiled by the system so one can easily send them to debt collection offices.  The "process" code allows you to monitor the patient invoices very precisely. In case of payment reminders or payment plans, the OGM codes on the invoices are recovered or recreated if desired. This OGM codes are used when matching incoming payments and the corresponding outgoing invoices. 

At last, convenient stock management

EASI Purchase completes the accounting program perfectly. The order forms are created manually or automatically in function of the necessary services. The modern Pocket PDA technology facilitates efficient warehouse management and the preparation of the inventory. The KANBAN method is also part of the proposed options. Consumption is controlled and monitored very precisely.