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Accounting management

Thanks to Adfinity, your duties associated with accounting become less time consuming. Every screen, every button and every feature is designed in such a way so as to optimize your tasks. The software is full of intelligent short cuts to manage your payments more efficiently, to speed up financial transactions via CODA files, and so on. Plus, with Adfinity you never have to enter any information twice. 

The time you save with Adfinity, can be used for optimizing your financial management: working with an analytical structure, management of budgets, reports, etc. Adfinity of course answers to all legal requirements regarding taxation and supports the Belgian, Luxembourg and French accounting legislation.

Financial management and budget control

Adfinity goes beyond just "legal" accounting and offers a lot of added value through reporting possibilities. This starts with a number of flexible analytical axes, in which each customer integrates his own insights. Alternative accounting plans and regrouping accounts are also a standard part of the solution. 

With regard to the interpretation of data, we offer you an integrated and advanced reporting system. With such a flexible and convenient system, you can create your own reports in minutes. Then they are displayed in real time. Thus, in future, you can base your decisions on accurate information directly from your accounting. You don't need to worry about any encryption errors, since the data isn't manipulated. 

Purchasing management

Adfinity provides an easy platform allowing users to enter their purchases in the system. Then these commercial documents follow a work flow to approve or reject the purchase. Once the application is accepted, there will be an official purchase order form that can be sent to the supplier, and the budget is set. Accounts will be able to compare the invoices with the outstanding purchase orders, providing you with optimal follow-up of expenditures and budgets. 


EASI also offers an advanced invoicing module. Whether manual invoices or automatic invoices linked to a contract, Adfinity processes the document and archives it. The accounting processing is automatic based on the generated invoice. It is also possible to import invoices submitted through another solution. You can also email invoices with Adfinity to your customers through electronic invoicing.

Paperless management

Adfinity is the leader in the domain of "Paperless Accounting" solutions. This notion ensures paper documents are eliminated as much as possible in your company. For example, all your purchase invoices are scanned and integrated into the accounting as well as linked with existing documents. All customer invoices are also stored in the system. In addition, numerous other documents can be linked to the accounting or purchase management.

Approval work flows

Once all documents are digitized, Adfinity offers a tool by which your documents undergo an electronic work flow. Thus, different managers can approve or reject documents electronically, as well as add comments. 

Task Management

The task management module in Adfinity is an intuitive system to distribute the various administrative tasks efficiently and to assign it to your employees. Numerous methods were fine-tuned to easily manage the daily tasks and to facilitate cooperation (for example, following up on outstanding payments).